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Small Animal Therapy

Small Animal therapies work to release tension/tightness in the body, dissolve scar tissue, release muscle memory of old injuries, increase the flow of energy and flush out the toxins.


Consideration small animal therapy for:

Soft tissue problems - Growing - Longevity - Reduce or eliminate pain killers - Weak back - Injury recovery - Behavioral problems - Ill Temperament - Lack of Focus - Short Stride - Preventative care - Weak immune system - Arthritis - Allergies

Small Animal CranioSacral Therapy

A light-touch, non-invasive technique used to release tension from the spinal system. The spinal system consists of the skull, spine, sacrum and the fluid trapped within.  The fluid helps to lubricate and provide nutrients to the nervous system. When fluid is restricted, illness and dysfunction set in to that area.

Small Animal Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique

Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT) for animal is a holistic body balancing modality, consisting of a series of non-invasive gentle moves to vibrate the connective tissue. When the tissue is vibrated it assists the body to locate physical structures in the form of muscle spasm/tension, benign lumps, contracted fascia, calcification, scar tissue, toxic substances, static lymph, and dead cells, some of them supported by an emotional dysfunction. VHT penetrates deeply into the body, repeatedly stressing these rigid structures in unexpected ways, assisting the body in locating, and enabling its own innate healing system to dissolve these structures.

VHT also works with the body’s own energetic pathways as these moves are performed over acupressure points. These points carry information through the meridian lines helping to release dysfunction in the energetic pathways and enhancing the body’s life force.

Small Animal Massage

Massage therapy works directly with the muscular system, which consist of 60 percent of an animal's body weight. The muscular system is most often overlooked when a the animal shows signs of lameness. Muscle tightness causes issues with muscle spasms, adhesions, nutrients and oxygen depletion and finally muscle fails to develop. Massage therapy helps to release those restriction that cause spasms and adhesion; improving nutrient/oxygen absorption and restore muscle development.  

Small Animal Reiki

Day-to-day stress creates blockages in the energy pathways leading to imbalances and illness. Reiki encourages the body to relieve stress, relax the system, and restore balance so the vital energy flow may be restored enhancing health and wellness.  

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