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REIKI is an ancient touch therapy healing technique which is easy to learn and use.  It is the art and science of activating and applying high levels of natural life energy.  It promotes healing through the relief of stress at all levels, helps to prevent disorders and aids in maintaining a state of positive wellness and balance.

The amount and balance of this vital energy (Ki) within you are essential for your health and well-functioning on a daily basis.  To maintain positive wellness, you must restore vital energy which has been depleted in daily activities, and through "leaks".  Some of the ways you leak energy are through damaging emotional states such as worry, anger, fear, resentment, etc.  (This is why episodes of extreme anger or fear are followed by exhaustion.)  Energy leaks are usually not this extreme, however, they are day to day, and become habits of reaction, often at an unconscious level.

These energy leaks lead to a constant state of stress, creating energy blockages which restrict your access to energy replenishment, even from sleep.  This habitual stress response becomes so familiar that it feels "normal", but it is an out of balance state which depletes the effectiveness of the immune system and which eventually can lead to a state of dis-ease and pain.  Reiki helps to restore balance, relieving stress and relaxing the system so that vital energy may be restored.

Our day to day stress creates blockages in the energy pathways leading to imbalances and illness.

Reiki encourages the body to:

  • Relieve stress

  • Relax the system

  • Restore balance

  • Restore vital energy flow

  • Enhancing health and wellness.  

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