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Grounding Meditation

A meditation focused on bringing your mind down into your being, focus on your body to release restrictions and allow for peace and calm to enter allowing for rest and relaxation.  Incorporation are 4 different flute songs (with no added side effects) tuned to 432 hz which resonates with mother earth. The keys and connection to Chakra (AkA Energey Centers) are:

  1. Root Chakra-Key of C

  2. Sacral Chakra -Key of E

  3. Throat Chakra -Key of G

  4. Crown Chakra - Wind Chimes - High vibrations

The concept of these is to take you on a chakra-clearing session along with a guided meditation. Each flute is played to aid in clearing and energizing the connecting chakra.

Background music by Ace Champion.

Grounding Meditation with musicCasie Pelnar and Ace Champion
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