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Client Reviews

I wanted to share some of the amazing comments from customers and their appreciation of the relief they found with CranioSacral Therapy.


Autism Symptoms

“My child with autism has been seeing Casie for cranial sacral therapy for over a year.  She spent a long time building trust with my child.  She has a lot of patience.  My child looks forward to appointments with Casie, and I think the therapy has been beneficial.  My child seems more relaxed both physically and mentally after seeing Casie.  I think cranial sacral therapy has helped improve my child's digestive function and reduce anxiety.  I would recommend trying cranial sacral therapy to help improve the effects of autism.” - Maggie Mies


Orthodontic Pain

“After seeing Casie for craniosacral sessions for my tension headache treatment and prevention, she was the first person I thought of when my daughter got her orthodontic expander put in. The first night she was in tears and refused to eat or drink because she was in such discomfort. I brought her to Cleansing Spirit Bodywork first thing in the morning. After her session, my daughter went home, made lunch and ate it like nothing happened. She said, “Mom, I don’t know what Ms. Casie did but I feel totally better.” I’m a believer!” - Lori Cartwright


Newborn Symptoms

“I have been taking my daughter, Oakley, currently 7.5 months old, to see Casie since she was a couple weeks old. Casie has helped Oakley with numerous issues that newborns experience as they transition through the fourth trimester. Casie helped Oakley release tension she felt from a tongue and lie tie. The difference in the level of fussiness that Oakley displayed after her appointments improved dramatically. Within hours after an appointment with Casie, Oakley would fall blissfully asleep for two to three hours. Oakley rarely would nap over 35 minutes at this time unless she was being held. She also worked with the plates on Oakley’s head as two of the plates would overlap. The work Casie did, was not only noticed by my daughter and I, but my daughter’s pediatrician complimented her head shape numerous times as well!” – McKenzie Johnson 



In February of 2022, I hit a low. My job was extremely demanding, and my husband and I were creeping up on a year of trying to conceive our first baby. Rather than resort to the traditional westernized methods of trying to conceive, I took the route of supporting my body and nervous system. I knew I needed some serious work. I was anxious, short fused, tired but wired, and in fight or flight mode. Finding Casie was exactly what I needed. After the first appointment, I got in my car and started driving home but had to pull over because I was crying so hard. The emotional release I experienced was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I knew I was in the best hands. I continued with regular visits and fast forward 5 months and I was pregnant! I wasn’t only pregnant, I was calm, centered, and not as reactive as I was just a few months prior. I can say with confidence, I’m the person I am meant to be with the help of craniosacral therapy.  -Brooke Maronek


Spinning Baby to VBAC

I have been seeing Casie for about two years. She has helped me in many ways. When I found out I was carrying my second breech baby I knew something had to be done. Something that drew me to craniosacral therapy was the fact that there was no scary side affects attached to the sessions.


One of the main ways that initiated my visits was to have her assist me in flipping my breech baby. I saw Casie for 1 hour appointments every other week in my second and third trimester and the opposite week I saw my chiropractor. During one of my visits with Casie I felt my son “fall” into proper place. On my due date, I pushed for 15 minutes and had a successful VBAC. I believe delivery was so easy because my anatomy and my nervous system were so aligned and regulated and ready for delivery. Casie also helped me with some hip and sciatic pain during my third trimester as well. I never had so much energy during pregnancy as I had after I left her office.


The second main reason I saw Casie was my son was born with some tension in his mouth. I knew this because his latch when breastfeeding was painful. One visit with Casie fixed this! I’m so lucky it was just one time as I know tension takes time to release and I was ready for this journey as I knew craniosacral therapy is a part of the puzzle when releasing tension in the body. 


The third reason I see Casie currently is being a working mom of two is stressful. She is a part of my toolbox in keeping myself regulated so I can best be there for my children. I will forever be a patient of Casie’s because I know the importance of nervous system regulation and as a mom my main goal is to set my children up for success in their health and Casie helps me with that. I forever owe her my gratitude. 


I feel so so blessed that my toolbox has Casie in it. We are fortunate to have such a person in our area. – Sarah Neshek

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