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Accident or Surgery? 4 Reasons to seek CranioSacral Therapy

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Have you recently been in an accident or required surgery?

I'd like to explain the 4 reasons why CranioSacral Therapy (CST) improves your body's healing process and why you have never needed a treatment more!

1. Releasing tissue restrictions caused by the incident - When our bodies sustain an injury, there can by bruising, inflammation, broken bones, torn muscles, nerve damage at the injury sight. Surrounding all of that is the connective tissue which gets twisted, tangled and then compressed together as if they are secured with glue. This causes strain on the tissue and reduces flexibility throughout adding opposing tension on the opposite end resulting restrictions to appear in other areas of our body. CST works to find and release the twists and compressions from the original injury reducing the bodies need to add compensation.

2. Correcting any compensation restrictions - Compensation is when our body finds ways to complete a task while taking the weight or strain off the injured location. This causes added strain on a different body parts but it allows the original injury the time it needs to heal. Example is injury to the left knee. The body naturally will shift weight to the right leg to reduce the weight and strain on the injury. This causes over use of the right leg which then shows as hip, knee or ankle pain on the right side. Which could lead to body adapting to a new and restricted posture and the development of an abnormal gait. That abnormal gait then causes additional restrictions to show up on those opposing tissues. CST works to release the tension put upon the compensating locations and allowing the bodies mechanics to function properly.

3. Increasing the bodies own innate healing process - CranioSacral Therapy helps to reduce restrictions that hinder the healing process, allowing the body to increase blood flow and injury response contributors to provide the ingredients necessary for the healing process. This leads to the reduction of bruising, inflammation, and pain.

4. Reduce or eliminate pain reduction drugs - In order to help reduce or eliminating injury pain, doctors will provide powerful pain reducing medications. Short-term pain reducing drugs mask the pain signals sent through the central nervous system, allowing time for the body to heal but do not address the root cause of the pain. Some even reduce blood flow which will increase the time the body needs to heal. When these drugs are prescribed short-term it also allows time for complementary treatments can be implemented. CST works to reduce restrictions on the central nervous system along with the other tissues, bones, muscles, etc. By reducing the restrictions applied to the nerves and associating areas of the body, the body will reduce or eliminate these pain signals. As a result, people often reduce the frequency of taking the prescription and sometimes stop all together prior to the expiration of the prescription.

So next time you find yourself recovering from a missed step, fall from your bike, car accident, or just came home from having surgery; get that appointment booked and help your body heal.

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