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Birth Injuries - Relief Through Craniosacral Therapy

A majority of the people I meet in my office are at their wits end with some kind of pain or dysfunction. They feel like they have searched for relief only to come up with more questions and more frustration. It is especially frustrating for parents when they know their little bundle is in pain but have no idea how to help.

Often after the first or second appointment, I get a message from a parent expressing how excited they are because their baby pooped!!!! Or was able to eat without choking or gagging. These are the things that bring joy to my heart. It brings me so much joy when their little one is meeting milestones, gaining weight and NO LONGER in pain!!!

What concerns do parents have that cause them to schedule an appointment with me?

  • Irregular or inadequate sleep

  • Colic

  • Ear infections

  • Lingering symptoms after illness

  • Frequent feedings / not getting enough per feeding

  • Coughing, choking, gagging, falling asleep while eating

  • Hiccups, gassy or throwing up after eating

  • Unable to hold head up on their own

  • Over or under reactive to stimulus

  • Eyes not tracking or cross-eyed

  • Underweight

  • Head turning in one direction and not the other

  • Flat spots in the head

  • Slow or fast changes in soft spots

  • Lack of bowl movements

What causes these challenges?

  • Muscles and tendons are strained and struggle to release (think of a "Charlie Horse")

  • Body tissue gets twisted and adheres to itself (think of plastic wrap)

  • Bones not returning to natural or neutral placement (think of not standing straight)

How do I use Craniosacral Therapy to find restrictions?

Similar to a spider's web; when a fly hits the web and the spider knows exactly where to go. This same affect allows me to follow the body's soft tissue to the location of injury.

The soft tissues, called fascia, encapsulate the whole body - each bone, muscle, and fiber - all the way down to each cell of each fiber. By following the soft tissue, I am able to feel the restriction and which way it needs to go to bring relief.

How can I release the restriction with such a light touch?

I like to think of plastic wrap. When you pull a piece off the roll, and it sticks to itself. What works best for me, is to lay the wrap on the counter, and gently pull on the corners. Not too hard, or it will just cause another location to stick together. But if you're gentle enough, you can get it all back to flat. In the same way, I get the body's soft tissue back to flat with my light touch.


"My family and I turned to CST at the advice of our chiropractor. Our baby (8 months at the time) was told he needed a helmet for the shape of his head. He has health problems and frequently undergoes several procedures, including two open heart surgeries. After a terrible experience with a helmet, we turned to CST hoping that anything would help his head shape. Casie was very informative, and we have learned more than we thought we could. It is hard when your baby can’t tell you if something hurts or is wrong. Casie always seemed to know what was bothering him and how she could help. We will continue to use CST to ensure that our baby is healthy, happy and balanced."

What does a session look like for an infant?

Each session is led by the baby and is approximately 30 minutes. Baby decides if he or she would prefer to be in mother's or father's arms, lying on the table, or in my arms during treatment. Sometimes the baby wants to be nursing to help a release happen. If they are a bit older, it is common for me to follow them around the room and work with them in any way they are most comfortable.

Babies find ways to communicate with me, reacting to my words appropriately and causing parents to ask, "How did she/he know what you wanted?" With a calm voice and body language babies will often respond accordingly to whatever question I may ask.

One-way babies communicate is by grasping my finger and moving my hand to the location they want me to address. Sometimes that location is on the chest or on the stomach, head or if a facial bone is out of place, they will put my finger in their mouth. Ultimately these little beings are so intelligent, all I have to do is listen and follow instructions.

What makes me qualified to work on infants?

I am an advanced Craniosacral Therapist and practicing for 14 years through The Upledger Institute. Through Upledger, I have also taken specialty training in pediatrics, newborns, pregnancy and tongue-tie, all which have prepared me in the restriction patterns of birth injuries.

Craniosacral Therapy has been used for decades to reduce or eliminate each of these challenges. If you would like to learn more about Craniosacral Therapy and if it is the right choice for your infant, please contact me. I am always more than happy to listen and answer any questions you might have.

To book an appointment online, click here to be taken to the booking page. You can also call/text, email me with your questions or concerns at (920)217-3667 or email me at:

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